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  1. So, the Forum is gonna drop in a few days. Here the opportunity to say some nice words before the forum drops. HELLEEEEEEU >>>?
  2. MM2

  3. Ill send the APES straight away towards him!
  4. Where is my small stack for being ur friend??
  5. no doubt! confirmed
  6. So, i was wondering who joined already an other clan or what are the plans of you guys?
  7. Fatfucks irl.
  8. Our MOTM killed TR. here some footage of our big man. #Travisforpresident.
  9. In memory of @Sickahis memorable chair. Sicka was to fat when he leaned over and broke the railing. July 19 2020 - Oktober 30 2020 R. I. P.
  10. Travis will kill us.
  11. We are just a great team!
  12. Gf WL. Sad we had more than 15 kills against us cause Travis got banged on the spot.
  14. Just a normal day with Travis.