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  1. RIP
  2. Good fight
  3. Was a tough fight, thanks for the action Fearless!
  4. Good fight
  5. We arranged a quick 1-day prep against Arroz for 3 rounds of first to 25. As it was a Sunday, we expected Arroz to pull enough for overheads on, however, their pull was low so we did 3 rounds of no overheads. The first two rounds went convincingly to us, with great calls and awareness from our side. In round 3, Arroz stepped it up and managed to get the win. Thank you for the action Arroz, it was fun and we hope next time we can do overheads on! 23 - 25
  6. For this Sunday we arranged a fight with Arroz expecting a high ops match up. We managed to pull 40 strong men, but unfortunately Arroz struggled with their pull, so we had to cut down to 24 people. Due to low numbers, we did 3 rounds of no overheads. In round 1, we managed to claim a clear victory with strong performance. After the first round, Arroz stepped up and smoked us in R2. Round 3 was filled with RNG; it seemed like Arroz had the victory, having acquired a 5 kill lead. However, with a clutch one hit, we managed to squeeze out the tight win in R3. Thank you for the action Arroz, shame it had to be the usual low ops fight. Hope to fight you again soon!
  7. Congratulations, I always believed in you!
  8. Thanks for the action! Shame I couldn't make it on time.
  9. Congrats!
  10. We set up our first fight against Evil Army today. The fight was quite one sided, however, in R2 EA performed very well and made it an extremely close round. It was great to face off against new opponents, and we're glad EA was up for the challenge. Not much else to say here, looking forward to more fights versus EA, and we hope they keep improving! Thanks for the action Evil Army, you guys keep it up and we look forward to fighting you again.
  11. Today we had our first league fight against Latin Crew. Without previous practice for this tournament, we were not sure what to expect. Regardless, we summoned our top 20 men and faced off against LC. Unfortunately, in R1 and R3, LC did not have 20 people, so they started those rounds with a disadvantage. They still provided solid resistance and didn't give up. R2 was the only round where we both started 20v20, and the result shows that LC put up a good fight. Thanks for the action Latin Crew, it was quite fun for our first league fight!
  12. Grats Travis
  13. You're a monster Sicka