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  1. gg
  2. Burn them all
  3. Today we had originally had a CWA prep vs WL but since they couldn't pull enough people (lol) We decided to hit up the cluster and see whats going down. We quickly scouted WL and they attempted to stall while spamming for people to get online. Once they realised there clan is a joke and couldn't pull shit they logged out. We then stood at the greater demons killed a few TR haters and walked down.
  4. Pretty good performance outnumbered. Well done pals
  5. A few days ago I approached True for a GMT PKRI. So a little after 7PM GMT we headed up with 37 strong warriors. We fought hard despite being outnumbered from the off. The fight was very much the standard box style and both sides maintained a solid pile throughout. Before we even knew it the time cap was already coming to an end. We compared endings, killed a few more tempest for good measure and took our leave. TR Ending: Tempest Ending:
  6. Current Clans: Rot Rev AF SV TR WL Tempest DF VR Then a bunch of random teams composed of members from above clans
  7. Who will shut us down?
  8. Liverpool shit team