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  1. Couple days ago Fearless approached us looking to battle. We were pumped to fight a new rising team. We both pulled fairly low so we decided to do no overheads for faster paced action. All rounds were pretty close but as the rounds progressed we started to get in the rhythm and get the win. Thanks for the battle friends. Round 1 Ending: 23-25 Fearless win Round 2 Ending: R3 Ending:
  2. Good fight WL.
  3. hey u Michael, i want to apply in your clan. you can be my referral. thanks

    1. Slimmy


      Hmm yes definitely "British Miguel" is the Guy u looking for

    2. Kroggllotte


      and you can be my referral?

    3. Michael
  4. Sniffy snoffy lets get it
  5. Interesting