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  1. MM2

  2. My clan history from start to finish! Shadow Elves - Closed Golde Sun - Closed The Rising - Closed OSRS: The Rising - Closed. Obviously I will do the clan world a favour and join RoT!
  3. Surprised the towel in the back doesn't have more white spots...
  4. Liverpool still going strong! Soon we'll have to grab some kid off the street to play CB tho!
  5. Looks like good fun!
  6. No need to score if the opponent do it for you!
  7. What Ben said. It's not what it used to be, but we still manage to get in quite a few fun fights each week!
  8. I think we did well!
  9. It's the same with as without if you ask me! Either you eat fast enough or you die
  10. Fabinho will be a great centre back for us this season! Will be our season again!